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Merits of Immigration There is much that people need to understand about immigration. Yes there is a lot of help offered to immigrants by the foreign country. The country is actually getting more in return in terms of social and economic benefits. When immigrants get in a foreign country, they are supposed to comply to a number of rules. In this case, the article will take United States as a point of reference when it comes to anything referring to the foreign countries. Immigrants offer a wide range of importance to the countries they move to. The United States since the nineteenth century has remained a strong magnet to immigrants from all over the world. There are different reasons that can possibly drive someone from his/her country. The movement can be a cause of only two motives. This can be a pull or a push. The reason for survival is known as a push. When one is attracted to a new way of life this is actually a pull. The reasons for immigration include family reunification, the need for a free atmosphere, economic opportunity, political freedom etc. In the modern day most of the immigrants in the U.S have a reason of getting better economic life. Socio-political feuds was the most common reason why the U.S had a number of immigrants. Immigrants bring a lot of advantages with them. It is important that immigrants are treated well. Immigrants have a lot of benefits to a foreign country. The knowledge that comes with immigrants is big enough. All because the reason they are immigrating is to get a better job. Which is good to the foreign country in the following ways. The immigrants will offer a good work force to the country. Most of the economy is contributed more by immigrants than the owners of the country. The country will receive a very good labor force from the immigrants who are not well of in terms of education.
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Immigrants come with different cultures. This makes countries like the United States one the best when it comes to the social existence of different people in the whole world. They learn to appreciate each other’s cultures while practicing their own. Those who moved because of social problems will find it easy to cope in such countries.
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There is a number of ways that a country can be enriched by the immigrants. Tax is also an addition to the way that they help enrich a country. The immigration sector in the U.S gives the county a lot of tax. It is therefore important that immigrants are seen as a benefit and not as a problem to the countries they move into.